Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Bursting in man friend

bursting in
scaring me
like a horror film the shining

got angry
got pissed off
got my firework
spark at man friend

still shaking
still upset
checking out my place
hacked off with him

fuming at this man friend
told him off
on the phone

let me grief alone
I didn't have time to grief
all had to do to travel to Plymouth
booking b & b
staying in the couple off days

no time to grief  no time to be my self

he really pissed me off  man
wishing him well in the near future

Monday, 28 October 2019

coming back to write soon

⇰writing about my experience on my travel to Plymouth . experiencing bed & breakfast place at Plymouth, experiencing my feelings about death & funeral etc

I be back writing about it

Saturday, 5 October 2019


I am greifing over my lost of my dad whom died this year, sorry about mot writing about my blogs having a little holiday darlings.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

soggy ears

Soggy  soggy  ears
acting like a leaking sponge
hate my ears
got over my swelling
now letting nature take it course

went to the chemist
olive oil ears drop on hand
wear ear plugs to stop the leakage
on my ears of years of ear problems

In the past
 I had them
now this  year 2019
got it back
ear oh ear please
give me a break of ear troubles.

the song goes sog sog soggy ears
tah tah  bloody soggy ears

Saturday, 7 September 2019

To hear or not to hear

To hear or not hear
that is my question

having ear infection
isn't funny
its so painful to have

The burning / swelling ear
feel like cutting it off
ouch the pain
ouch hard to sleep

The feeling of no hope
off a good night sleep
feeling down on your self
feeling its annoying bunnies ear

Frustration set in
that bloody ear

The saying always goes
to hear or not to hear
that is a question

Friday, 16 August 2019

characters at Henbury

meet the characters at Henbury
five friends whom talk a lot of rubbish
and waffle on n on about nothing
jungle Jim
wasteful Wander
nasty Coral
gossip Sue
hoarder Harold
complaining Cora

when they get together
sitting outside Greggs
they gossip and babble over people
they don't like.
mocking the people with the laughter of witches
of bitches

jungle Jim banging n hammering light to heavy
on the table driving people mad.
gossip sue all so questions n wanting of others things, nasty Coral full of rage n anger towards other she don't like. Rest of the friends join in the fun of nasty Coral wrath. 

rest of them has character u might have in your raving neighbour hood

talking about nothing of air of gossips all sitting at the library / café in your area.

Saturday, 6 July 2019

having issues with hot weather

Having issues with hot weather
can be painful on my chest
tightness on my chest
can be bad at times

having my health problem
even hay fever problems
can be too much too bare
it make me cough

get out of breathe
hot weather can be a pain
in a bum at times
I sooner have the cold weather
eases my chest pain
I am a health problem can trig
me off
it is like a gun going off
traffic light on stop, amber, green , go
you have a panic attack
it is how I explain my health problem

I learn to live with it
I learn to cope with it
bloody hot weather can be a pain in a ass
at times.